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Halo Health Care is a medical employment agency with offices in Ireland and UK. We specialize in hospital locum and permanent placements of Medical Practitioners. Our clients include public and private hospitals in regional and metropolitan areas. We can assist with short-term and crisis locum work, as well as permanent placement of and overseas doctors.

We use specialized medical recruitment software to manage a large number of doctors across all levels and specialties. All Candidates in halo medical have undertaken a meticulous registration process, including reference checks, and hold relevant medical registration and medical indemnity. Current CVs with referee details are available on request. Halo healthcare Medical can also assist with all your locum administration and paperwork.

Halo Health Care Medical recruits constantly within Ireland and overseas. When recruiting internationally, we are able to assist with immigration and medical registration issues.

If you would like to advertise a job vacancy - send an email to health@halohumanresources.ie.

With years of experience in European corporate human resource consulting, our driving force is simple: to provide solutions that improve business performance.

Our consultants specialize in predicting individual and team performance. HR performance has direct impact on overall corporate productivity and profitability.

Our consultants excel in devising tailored solutions to a wide range of corporate people-based productivity issues.


Halo Healthcare is a medical recruitment and locum agency. We specialize in the placement of both Australian and overseas doctors to locum and permanent positions throughout Ireland. 

We offer permanent and casual recruitment services and staff solutions across ALL areas of the Medical and Healthcare Sector Chandler Macleod Medical is a member of ALARM - the Australian Association of Medical Recruitment

Friendly helpful Halo Health Care

Welcome to Halo Health Care -friendly medical recruitment and locum agency.

If you are seeking a medical professional locum or permanent placement in Ireland you should use halo healthcare because:

  • Halo Medical maintains an extensive network of hospitals throughout Europe
  • Halo Medical has a variety of well paid and interesting positions across a range of disciplines.
  • Halo Medical provides both a locum service and full international medical recruitment.
  • Halo Medical will listen to what you want and tailor our service to your needs.
We can assist and advise on all aspects in obtaining personnel in Ireland and overseas.  We have medical and recruitment professionals who can help with medical registration, qualification recognition, immigration and relocation

Why use Halo Health Care?

Halo Healthcare has a variety of job opportunities and personnel throughout Ireland and Europe and across a range of specialties and levels...

Two UK House Officers seeking work on the coast were placed in a coastal Irish hospital in interesting jobs with opportunities to visit the Ireland. British Psychiatrist seeking work in the Northern Ireland placed in a 6-month specialist position in Derry

"I have been interacting with Halo Health Care since 2003 . During this period I have found them to be a committed, caring company. Displayed sound knowledge of work and a high sense of responsibility to fulfill tasks. I have no doubt in vouching for there competencies."

What to do next?

  • Register with Health Care Halo and send your Personnel requirements
  • We will contact you to discuss your situation and tailor our services to meet your requirements.
  • We can often match you with a current opportunity or market you directly to hospitals

Telephone 021 4384317
Fax 021 4384569
Email Health@halohumanresources.ie

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